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Monday - Friday,
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General Guidelines for Faculty Leading the Fall Seminar in Paris Program

The successful Seminar program will be the result of a solid and active collaboration between the Skidmore seminar director, the Director of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges, and the on-site staff of the Skidmore in Paris program.

Faculty leading Seminar programs will be responsible for:

Eiffel Tower
  • Designing the academic program and all instructional materials, including detailed syllabi, a list of readings and other resource materials, and a detailed itinerary relating sites visited to the subject matters of the course(s) to be taught. Again, the curriculum must reflect a strong connection to Paris, France, or the European Union and must demonstrate the benefits of offering the courses in Paris versus Saratoga Springs.
  • Locating and evaluating resources overseas that will serve to enhance the overall academic and cultural experience of the students and faculty member (with assistance from the Paris staff).
  • Obtaining cost estimates on any expenses associated with field trips and/or special arrangements needed to ensure the utilization of local resources as associated with the curriculum (e.g., entrance fees, lecturing permits, etc.) and ensuring costs stay within predetermined budget parameters (with assistance the Paris staff).
  • Attending well in advance of departure to all financial arrangements needed to meet program costs in the U.S. and abroad, according to established Skidmore financial policies and procedures (in collaboration with the OCSE).
  • Promoting and recruiting for the program through a brochure, flyers, informational meetings, class visits, etc. (with guidance and support from the OCSE).
  • Providing the Office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges with copies of all informational materials describing the program.
  • Reviewing applications and selecting program participants (in collaboration with the OCSE).
  • Developing pre-departure materials to prepare students for the program (in collaboration with the OCSE).
  • Holding pre-departure orientation for program participants (in collaboration with the OCSE).
  • Working with the Paris staff to deliver academic and administrative portions of on-site program.
  • Obtaining receipts and keeping accurate records of all program-related expenses incurred abroad.
  • Tracking and reporting expenses to the Paris staff according to established procedures.
  • Submitting a formal program assessment report to the Director of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges within sixty days of the end of the program.
  • Working with OCSE and the department to develop and organize substantive re-entry activities for program participants upon return.
  • Working with the department and own curriculum to incorporate experience in Paris into course work upon return.

The Office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges will be responsible for:

  • Advising the seminar director throughout the development of the Seminar proposal.
  • Working with seminar director to review and refine program proposal and to see proposal through approval process.
  • Working with the travel agent to organize flights to/from Paris.
  • Helping create promotional materials (e.g., brochures, flyers) and application forms based on information provided by the seminar director.
  • Assisting with the promotion of the program and serving as a central resource for information on the program.
  • Setting deadlines, overseeing the application process, and communicating with the seminar director throughout the process.
  • Managing campus-based program finances, including payment and collection of deposits, billing of students, and establishing payment and withdrawal schedules and policies.
  • Working with the seminar director regarding finances, including ensuring proposal adheres to established budget and assisting with the tracking and reporting of expenses.
  • Examining all aspects of students’ health and safety with respect to travel in general and the host location in particular.
  • Providing faculty with general information on cultural adjustment, emergency contacts and procedures, and health and safety resources for orientation.
  • Assisting faculty with development of pre-departure materials and with the pre-departure orientation.
  • Assisting faculty with visa application instructions and/or other documents needed to lead the program overseas.
  • Working with the seminar director and Paris resident staff to deliver the on-site program.
  • Working with the seminar director to develop and organize substantive re-entry activities for program participants upon return.

The Resident Director and staff in Paris will be responsible for:

  • Hiring and supervising instructors for the language and civilization courses.
  • Arranging housing for Seminar participants.
  • Assisting the seminar director with on-site academic and extracurricular arrangements.
  • Assisting the seminar director with administration of the program on site.
  • Advising the seminar director as needed on matters pertaining to the program.