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Submission of Proposals

Given the preparation time required for this type of program, preliminary discussions with the appropriate offices may profitably begin up to two years in advance. (One semester for planning, one for approval, one for recruiting and application, one to deliver the program.) The proposal itself should be submitted to the Office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges at least three semesters before the program will take place.

Proposals from faculty for the Fall Seminar in Paris must include the following components:

  1. The Curriculum Committee's "Proposal for a New Course" form for each faculty-taught course; a complete syllabus, list of readings and other resource materials for each faculty-taught course; a detailed itinerary relating sites visited to the subject matters of the course(s) or Seminar; and specification of the learning tasks and goals for the students and of the means of assessing the learning outcomes. As the faculty-taught courses will be expected to count within that seminar director’s department, the chair of the seminar director’s department or the director of the faculty member’s program should sign each "Proposal for a New Course" form, indicating approval to offer credit within the department or program.
  2. Evidence of the extent of the faculty's past experience with French or a related culture and details on the resources available in Paris that will serve to enhance the program’s curriculum.
  3. Evidence of the ability to manage the academic, administrative and student support responsibilities vital to this role.
  4. An indication of the likely number of students interested in the program, and a plan for their recruitment, including which disciplines students might come from.
  5. A budget estimate based on OCSE’s budget template and the expected student enrollments.

The Fall Seminar in Paris program proposals will be reviewed by the Chair of the respective department or the Director of the respective program, the Director of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges, the Dean of the Faculty, and the Resident Director of the Skidmore in Paris Program. Final decisions regarding competing proposals will be made by the Director of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges and the Dean of the Faculty.

The Curriculum Committee's "Proposal for a New Course" form and accompanying materials (#1 above) are then forwarded by the Associate Dean of the Faculty to the Curriculum Committee for its review. Although every effort will be made to determine the practical viability of the proposed off-campus program in advance of submitting the proposal to the Curriculum Committee, limits on staff resources, practical obstacles, financial considerations, low levels of enrollment, or other factors may, of necessity, lead to the cancellation of an otherwise approved program at any time. Judgments concerning the specifically practical or financial viability of a Fall Seminar in Paris program rest with the Director of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges.