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Management & Business

This is an historical sampling of translated course descriptions for management and business courses that have been taken by previous program participants outside of the Skidmore Center. This list should be used as a guide. Course numbers listed are not guaranteed and require department approval. Courses listed are not guaranteed to be offered during your semester in Paris. 

All courses taught at the American Business School are taught in English, unless otherwise noted. 


(American Business School - MKT 210 Principles of Marketing)
Offered in fall and spring

An examination of the place of marketing in economics, paired with the policies and practices of marketing institutions. Attention is given to the development of marketing strategies which reflect a variety of competitive structures and marketplace realities.

(American Business School - MGT 220 Organizational Behavior)
Offered in fall and spring

Upon completion of this course, a student will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the theories and applications of organizational behavior having gained insight into what makes an organization function. The student will begin to know the human beings who design organizations and work within them. The course provides keys to help students understand why some organizations work more effectively than others.

(American Business School - MGT 230 International Business)
Offered in fall and spring

Examination of business activities across national borders with emphasis on the interaction and integration of the functional areas for effective strategic planning in multinational firms operating in developing newly industrialized and developed countries.

(American Business School - MKT 240 Consumer Behavior)
Offered in fall and spring

This course is a study of consumer decision processes, consumer behavior models and their impact
on the development of marketing strategies. The objective is to develop an understanding of the environmental factors that influence consumer attitudes and behavior. This helps the student to acquire a better understanding of how to assess how consumers make decisions and to define the impact of consumer behavior on the traditional
marketing mix elements.

(American Business School - MKT 340 Marketing Research)
Offered in fall only

An examination of the acquisition of information for marketing management decision making including the formulation of research problems, research design, data sources and collection methods, sampling design, data analysis and presentation of results. Students will familiarize themselves with the fundamentals necessary to evaluate when marketing research is necessary, to determine the type of research required and to interpret and apply the results. They will be given practice in designing and implementing a survey, and in analyzing, interpreting, and reporting results. Areas to be covered in class:

  • Introduction: Marketing Research process
  • Data Sources: Measurement Process
  • Data Collection Methods
  • Sampling Plan: Further sampling procedures & field operations
  • Data Processing & Analysis
  • Reporting research findings
  • Demand Measurement & Test Marketing
  • Advertising, Distribution & Pricing Research

(American Business School - LAW 210 American Business Law)
Offered in spring only

This course provides a thorough look at the basic principles of contract law in the United States and England. The formation of contracts, the policing and remedial functions of the law of contract, will be examined through a review of the relevant case law and legislation.


(American Business School - MKT 320 Advertising)
Offered in fall only

An examination of the various forms of marketing communication, mass and personal, paid-for and free, are described and discussed. Examples of marketing communications are evaluated and the process of promotional planning is explored. Students will develop an extensive understanding of the promotional process which includes both conceptual and real-world knowledge. By the end of the course they should be able to construct and evaluate a media plan. Method of approach: lectures, discussion and group/individual presentations of case studies. Areas to be covered in class:

  • Introduction: Ethics & Regulation
  • Marketing Process: Agencies
  • Strategic Research: Planning, Psychology
  • Media Planning: Broadcast Media
  • Print Media: Media Buying
  • Direct Response: Creating Directory and Out-of-Home
  • Sales Promotion: Public relations
  • Business & Retail Advertising: International Considerations


(American Business School - FIN 320 Investment Analysis)
Offered in fall only

This course first provides the student with an understanding of the various investment vehicles available to corporate, institutional and individual investors, as well as the functioning of the markets through which these vehicles can be acquired. These include a range of equity and debt instruments, commodities, as well as options and other products. Methods of arriving at specific invesment decisions are presented, with emphasis on valuation models and risk assessment factors. The course consists of class lectures, oral case analysis presentations and tests. Will be covered in class:

  • Introduction: Definition of the investment process
  • Financial markets & instruments
  • Investmentt companies
  • Investors: Assessing bond yields
  • Valuation Methods
  • Security Analysis: Macro/Industry
  • Security Analysis: Equity valuation
  • Security Analysis: Financial Statements
  • Value-added & Technical Analysis


(American Business School - MKT 350 International Marketing)
Offered in fall and spring

The main emphasis of the course will be on practical experience through the development of a well-conceived international marketing plan. You will develop an understanding of the tools and techniques used in the marketing of goods and services on a global basis and gain experience in formulating international marketing policies. The student will gain a working knowledge of international marketing terms and concepts. He/she will develop a managerial viewpoint of marketing decision making and gain a basic knowledge of the global environment. The course will attempt to sharpen your analytical and critical skills through case studies and the regular reading and analyzing of current events.

(American Business School - FIN 450 International Finance)
Offered in fall and spring

This course will enable the student to become familiar with the principal financial tools used by multinational corporations in the management of their business. After an overview of the international financial environment and the relevant institutions and markets, we will look at specific strategy options available to MNC's under various conditions. Emphasis will be given to related issues such as the effect of taxation, and the mitigation of political risk and FX exposure.


(American Business School - MGT 320 Entrepreneurship)
Offered in fall only

This course focuses on all aspects concerned with setting up and running a business. The legal forms of business are examined then the market research necessary to prove the business is viable, followed by the various kinds of possible financing. Students are required to prepare a Business Plan on a fictitious or real idea of setting up a business. Groups of students will be responsible for presenting case analysis and solutions to the class. Main areas for investigation are:

  • Definiton of a Small Business : Ethics & Social Responsibility : Entrepreneurship
  • Preparing a Business Plan : Legal Forms of Ownership
  • Financial Statement & Business Ratios
  • Desired Income Approach to Planning : Planning the Pro Forma Balance sheet
  • Finding the Funds
  • Marketing – Introduction : Picking the Right Location
  • Marketing: Promotion, Product, Pricing & Distribution
  • Consumer Behavior : Managing Human Resources
  • Production & Operations Management
  • Purchasing & inventory Control : Effective Control & Break Even Analysis
  • Consumer & Business to Business Credit
  • International Business for Small Businesses


(American Business School - Taught in English)

A variety of topics that are not listed above are offered at the American Business School.

  • MGT 430 Art and Entrepreneurship (spring)
  • MIS 320 Principles of Internet Marketing (spring)
  • MKT 360 Corporate Communication (spring)
  • MKT 380 Personal Selling (spring)
  • MKT 390 Events & Sports Marketing (fall)

Approval by MB department chair required. 

(American Business School - PHI 310 Business Ethics)
Offered in fall and spring

Increasingly, emphasis is being placed by society on the need for the business community to behave in a "responsible" manner. Does this lead necessarily to conflict with a firm's legitimate drive to earn profits? This course will provide a forum to examine the principal ethical areas which impact business, such as insider information, deceptive advertising, public health and safety. The discussion will focus on possible motivations behind "unethical" behavior, the legal environment, and the usefulness of internal measures to control this problem.

For additional course descriptions and syllabi, see the ABS course catalog.