Partner Institutions

Skidmore partners with other academic institutions in Paris to offer additional courses taught in English for students on the Arts & Business program. Course options outside of the Skidmore Center are limited to studio art (painting, drawing, and photography), art history, business, and economics. Students with at least one semester of French may be eligible to take dance courses. On occasion, some of the French universities may offer a limited number of courses taught in English in other disciplines (to be determined upon arrival).

Académie de Port Royal
American Business School in Paris (ABS)
Centre de Danse du Marais*
Institut de Langue et de Culture Française (ILCF)
Studio Vermès

Below is a short description for each partner institution. For information about course options at partner institutions, please see the Arts & Business course guide.

Académie de Port Royal
Académie de Port Royal is an art studio that offers visual arts courses in painting and drawing. The main subjects are Life-drawing, Life-Painting, and Still-Life compositions using different techniques and approaches. . Still lives are permanently on show, and the live model changes weekly. Techniques used are mainly oil paint on paper and/or canvas of various sizes as well as charcoal, dry and oil pastel, ink, etc. Teachers work individually with each student and can accommodate students of all levels.  The nature of study is very independent, and students will develop an increasingly personalized body of work. Some students at the studio will be part of a study abroad program, but most students are pursuing their studies independently. Language of instruction will be in both English and French.

American Business School in Paris (ABS)
ABS is an American-style university in Paris that offers a wide range of business courses in marketing, management, finance, and business law. All courses are taught in English. Most of the students at the ABS are international students. ABS also offers a limited number of elective courses in art history, government and international affairs. Art history courses at ABS are not approved by the Art History department and only count as general elective credit.

Centre de Danse du Marais
The Centre de Danse du Marais is a dance studio located in the heart of the Marais. Students are able to take a variety of dance classes. Most popular courses are ballet and modern dance. Courses are taught in French, although students with a basic knowledge of French can enroll in the Centre de Danse du Marais.

Institut de Langue et de Culture Française (ILCF) at l’Institut Catholique de Paris
The ILCF Paris is a Department of the Catholic University of Paris. ILCF offers a variety of programs to learn French and study French culture and civilization for international students learning French. Skidmore students can access courses in ICLF’s semester program taught in English about France & Europe.

Studio Vermès
Studio Vermès is a photography studio that offers a history of photography and photography studio courses. The studio is owned by Philippe and Nancy Vermès, who also serve as instructors for the courses. Courses are available in History of Photography in France, Black & White Photography, and Digital Photography. Studio courses are available at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Language of instruction will be in both English and French.

For information about course options at partner institutions, please see the Arts & Business course guide.

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