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Práctica En Negocios Españoles
Internship in Spanish Business
Grupo Albion:
· Investor Relations, Communication Consultants.
· Daily Work
· Database Management
· Translation
· Experience gained through assistance on client based projects:
· Public Relations
· Financial Communications
· Marketing
· Internal Relations
· Stock Offerings to Privatization

Internship AFX News: Financial News Wire:
Assist correspondents with all activities relating to AFX-Madrid:
· Press Pickups from the Spanish press.
· Market outlooks.
· Share reports.
· Focus reports.
· Coverage of Spanish press conferences.
· Interviewing market analysts and traders.
· Interviewing corporate and government leaders.
· General market coverage.

    1. Internship in Asesores 2000
The Internship consists of two parts. Majority of the time with this company will be spent on the completion of a study reagarding the liberalization of the Spanish telecommunications market. This rapidly changing market has only been open since December 1998. Until now, Telefónica , the largest telephone company of Spain, has maintained a virtual monopoly. Within 6 months, this market is expected to experience the arrival of about 50-60 small telephone operators, mostly in the long distance market. The other part of the internship consists of smaller projects directed by one / two members of the firm. These smaller projects may include eng-spa/spa-eng translation and any other administrative or research work.

    2. Internship in Bancomext
Work at the office Bancomext, the National Bank of Foreign Commerce of Mexico; the work mainly consisting of market profiles. Bancomext´s purpose is to help Mexican exporters who want to open up the Spanish Market. Many of these exporters seek profiles of the Spanish Market in order to find out if there is a niche which their products can fill. These profiles concist of statistics, tax information, contacts in Spain and customs regulations. The job is to update and improve order market profiles and to work on new ones.

    3. Internship with Royal Metropolitan España, S.A.
This is a Real Estate Company. This Internship is mainly related to business. Special projects that are needed in the office are given to interns. Anything to do with the real state business in itself, or with office work. Good way to develop speaking and public Relations Skills. Also to grow acustomed to leading your own projects. Work individually and in groups. Can also learn about the employment environment and office relations.

Práctica En Una Organización Feminista
Internship at a Feminist Organization
"Vindicación Feminista" is a Publishing Co. Editorial, and Feminist organization. It publishes books, magazines, and pamphlets on all feminist movements. Lidia Falcón, founder and president of the Feminist Party of Spain, has her private office at the center, therefore we also work with political issues. The internship duties include research for books and magazines presently being written, and translations into English of letters and pamphlets distributed throughout the European Union. This internship is highly recommended to anyone interested in the Women's Movement and/or politics. The research is
interesting and Lidia is an incredible feminist, politician, and woman.

Práctica De Enseñanza De Inglés
Internship in Teaching English
This internship consists of preparing four hours worth of lessons each week in order to facilitate the oral communication of English for first-year university students studying the English language. In turn, each lesson will consist of an exercise to better prepare the students for the oral examination in June, such as games, role playing, discussions about controversial topics, etc.

Práctica En El Centro Para Estudios Judeo-Cristiano
Internship at the Center for Jewish and Christian Studies
The main project at the center is updating, filing and indexing "revistas"-magazines/books about Jewish and Christian relations and other pertinent topics. This project will help with the undertaking of reading and learning about Jewish and Christian relations. The center's extensive library has a tremendous amount of information on numerous related topics.

Práctica En El Gobierno Español
Internship at a Spanish Government Agency
· Work in the international department of IMADE (Instituto Madrileño de Desarrollo Económico):
· Read and summarize the economic situations of countries around the world.
· Write faxes, memorandums and letters to businesses.
· Update and create company profiles.
· Make telephone calls to companies concerning business deals.
· Observe business meetings and lectures.
· Assist in the organization of conferences and business meetings.
· Investigative research to update economic statistics and to encounter information to help Spanish companies.
· Analyze data and respond to the faxes and questions of companies.
· Translate from English to Spanish and vice-versa.

Práctica En Un Periódico Español
Internship at A Spanish Periodical/ Newspaper
The proposed internship involves the translation of business documents, the revision of contractual financial agreements, and communication with foreign businesses. Furthermore, this internship provides the opportunity for improving fluency in the Spanish language, as fellow employees seek to negotiate advertising agreements with Spanish businesses. Lastly, an intimate knowledge of the complexities of newspaper publication will be discovered.

Práctica En Hot English Magazine
Internship With Hot English Magazine
Hot English is a magazine written in English for non-native speakers. It covers a wide variety of topics from movies and music to travel and grammar. In this internship I will be writing articles about American culture and arts to be published in the magazine as well as a proof reading articles before they are sent to the printers and working on issues dealing with the marketing of the product.

Práctica Teatral El Alcalá De Henares
Theatre Internship
· Selling tickets for performances (box office)
· Set up for shows.
· General theatre maintenance, e.g. painting the stage.
· Helping / interacting with audience / public.
· Translating for a British Theatre Company (Uninvited Guests) throughout the run of the show (basically intermediating between designers and the English-speaking company).
· Assisting with general preparation for performance by visiting companies.

Práctica En Una Organización De Movimiento Social: Comisión Española De Ayuda Al Refugiado
Internship in a Social Movement Organization
The Spanish Commission for the Aid of Refugees (CEAR) is a Non Governmental Organization created in order to promote the solidarity of Spanish Society in favor of refugees in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner from Refugees (UNHCR), CEAR develops diverse programs for the legal and social protection of refugees in Spain, as well as creates projects for refugees in the third world. CEAR has free legal services that aid asylum seekers each year, and it also a social service that promotes the integration of refugees by providing educational and work assistance. The student will participate in the area of social service, by creating a resource guide for immigrants that will not only aid CEAR, but the Spanish government itself. The student's objective is to create a detailed guide of all the services that may benefit immigrants. In addition, the student will interview separate individuals and families that are currently receiving aid from CEAR (financial aid) and write updates of their progress, detailing whether or not, the aid is being used correctly. A summary of the person's situation is then handed in to the CEAR office for review.

Práctica En Un Museo
Internship at the Museum of Contemporary Art: "El Reina Sofía"
· The internship involves fundraising for the museum from various international and Spanish businesses.
· Assisting in organizing guided tours and private visits for contemporary art exhibitions at the Museum given by "Los amigos del Museo" (The friends of the museum).
· The student is allowed access to private inaugurations and tours of the traveling art exhibits in the museum and in private institutions in Madrid.
· Daily activities include calling companies in order to confirm specific data and putting together invitations for the exhibitions.
· To contact more that 150 companies in Madrid and to help with more than 10 art exhibitions including Arco, Soriano, Motherwell, Whiteread,...

Práctica En Un Hospital Español
Internship in Spanish Hospital
· Assisting doctors and residents on rounds with newborns and mothers
· Assisting on ward rounds.
· Work closely with doctors involved in research.
· Computer: maintain D-base of patients to analyze the biological trends in newborns
Students' time is divided between assisting doctors on hospital rounds, research, and computer data entry. Students assist doctors and residents on rounds to newborns and their mothers in the normal and premature units and to the units which houses those babies which have suffered complications. Students are also required to maintain a D-base of patient information and analyze the biological trends in newborns which this information generates. All students are paired with a doctor who is involved in research. Students are responsible for the translation of any research material which is in English.

Práctica En La Comisión Fulbright
Internship at the Fulbright Commission
This internship involves directly aiding those Spanish students interested in applying for a Fulbright. As on American intern, the student is responsible for informing prospective applicants as to what scholarships are offered, how the application process functions and what exams need to be passed in order to study in the US. In general the intern is responsible in maintaining all pertinent information that prospective applicants require. This entails, first, maintaining an information library. The intern must keep all materials and bulletins up-to-date. Second, students must be able to reorganize information as the need arise: generate computer lists, enter information on Web sites, etc.

Práctica En Un Colegio
Internship in Elementary Education
· Observing a classroom of 9-10 students with varing language problems.
· Assisting a professor while he / she attempts to teach a class with students that have language problems.
· Preparing activities that will help the students develop language skills through projects and games.
· Preparing reading "paquetes" in which the students read and answer questions to help organize their thoughts in terms of language.
· Grading, or rather, looking at the students answers to tests in order to move them to the next comprehension level.

Práctica De La Enseñanza De Arte
Internship in Art Education
Assisting with Art classes at a local elementary and High School. Attending at least three classes a day working with girls ages 5-13, depending on the class-completing any projects or tasks for the teacher and assisting the students with their in class projects.