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Courses at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)

Students should consult the UAM Web page listing the university's various facultades ("schools") to find the asignaturas (courses) in which you would like to enroll. We recommend students select as many alternate courses as possible.

 All participants must enroll in at least one (1), and no more than four (4), courses at the UAM in a single semester.

** Please note that the university system in Spain is in the midst of many systematic changes under the Bologna Plan, and their degrees are shifting from "Licenciaturas" to "Nuevos Grados." Starting in fall 2010, Skidmore in Madrid participants are eligible to take first and second year Grado courses in the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras and second year Grado courses in ALL other Facultades. Please contact OCSE with any questions.

TIP: If you should come across a list of courses on the UAM Web site without links to course descriptions, one way to help you find a course description or syllabus for the course you want is to use Google. To simplify the search, use the UAM 5-digit course code (i.e. 11961 for Historia del Español I) and use Google's Search Site function like this: "11961" (without quotes). Often, one of the first links in the search results is a link to the syllabus. In this example, the very first search result is the desired document. Give it a try!

UAM Course Description Translations

Included here are PDF documents that list course offerings for the spring 2011 semester at the UAM. These listings have been created specifically for Skidmore program applicants by our staff in Spain.

Filosofía y Letras
Libre Configuración
y Oferta Específica

(All subjects – electives)

For translated course descriptions, please download the most recent COURSE DESCRIPTION GUIDE (PDF, 4 MB) also created by the program staff in Madrid especially for our students. UAM courses begin on page 8. This guide provides translations of a cross-section of UAM course descriptions, which can be used for the purposes of obtaining course approvals from your home school. (NOTE: While we do have a large number of translated course descriptions, this collections is not a complete catalog of all UAM courses in translation.) Use the tip above to try finding original course descriptions on the UAM Web site.

If a translation is not included on this Web site then it is not currently available. Students will be required to provide their own translation to non-Spanish-speaking faculty for approval of the course.

Below you will find a list of subject areas that include an historical sampling of translated course descriptions for courses that have been taken by previous program participants.