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The Physics program understands the importance of study abroad as a vehicle for enhancing a student’s overall education here at Skidmore. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for Physics majors to study abroad, and, as a result, few have done so. This does not mean that Physics students cannot study overseas; it simply means that to do so requires intensive planning and preparation.

The Physics program advises that Physics students considering study abroad plan to complete work outside of the major during their time overseas. Students may wish to complete all college requirements or minor requirements.

While researching study abroad programs, students should first review the Master Approved Programs List that includes approved programs for any minor, language of interest, or another area of study the student would like to pursue in greater depth while away from campus. The department will review and approve Physics credit for specific course selections on a course-by-course basis once a student has chosen a program. Students should consult with their Physics advisor regarding course credit and secure approval of study abroad plans from the department’s Chair. All credits outside of the Physics major should be approved by the minor department Chair.