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The Sociology program encourages majors to study abroad to explore the history, culture, and social institutions of countries around the world. The program prefers students to study abroad in the sophomore year. Studying abroad as sophomores allows students to bring their experiences into their sociology courses and facilitates taking specific required courses at Skidmore.

Sociology majors planning to study abroad must plan carefully. They should be aware that they must take specific courses required for the sociology major (SO 101, SO 226, SO 227, SO 324 or 325) at Skidmore and before SO 375 Senior Seminar in Sociology, taken as a senior and offered only in the fall semester. (SO 226 is usually offered each semester except spring of odd-numbered years. SO 227 is usually offered each semester except spring of even-numbered years. SO 324 and SO 325 are offered each fall and spring semester.)

No more than two courses, totaling no more than eight credits taken elsewhere (whether abroad or in the United States), may be counted toward the sociology major. Any exception to these policies requires the permission of the student’s Sociology advisor and the Associate Chair of the department.

The Sociology program advises a sociology student researching study abroad programs to first review the Master Approved Programs List that includes approved programs for any minor, language of interest, or another area of study the student would like to pursue in greater depth while away from campus. The department will review and approve credit for specific course selections on a course-by-course basis once a student has chosen a program. Students should consult with their sociology advisor regarding course credit and secure approval of study abroad plans from the department’s Associate Chair.

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