Jo-Jo Koo
Visiting Assistant Professor

Office: Ladd 216
Phone: (518) 580-5402

Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
  • B.A., Wesleyan University, Phi Beta Kappa


19th and 20th Century European Philosophy; Social Philosophy (esp. social ontology and practice theory; later Wittgenstein on normativity); Philosophy of the Social Sciences; Philosophy of Race and Gender; Ethics (including biomedical ethics); History of Western Modern Philosophy (including Rousseau and Kant)


  • “The Expressivist Conception of Language and World: Humboldt and the Charge of Linguistic Idealism and Relativism”, in J. Burmeister and M. Sentesy (eds.), On Language: Analytic, Continental and Historical Contributions (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007), pp. 3-26.
  • “The Possibility of Philosophical Anthropology”, in G. W. Bertram et al. (eds.), Socialité et reconnaissance: Grammaires de l’humain (Paris: L’Harmatten, 2007), pp. 105-21.
  • “Practice and Sociality”, in G. W. Bertram et al. (eds.), Intersubjectivité et pratique: Contributions à l’étude des pragmatismes dans la philosophie contemporaine (Paris: L’Harmatten, 2005), pp. 57-74. 


  •  “Interpretation and the Human Sciences: On Michael Martin’s Critique of Charles Taylor’s Conception of Interpretive Social Science”
  •  “Early Heidegger on Social Reality”


  •  “Problems of Circularity in Theories of Collective Intentionality”
  •  “Interpersonal Checking or Learning through Training? On the Social Basis of Normativity in Later Wittgenstein’s Philosophy”
  • “Concrete Interpersonal Encounters or Sharing a Common World: Which is More Fundamental in Phenomenological Approaches to Sociality?”

TRANSLATIONS (from German into English)

  • Georg W. Bertram and Robin Celikates, “Towards a Conflict Theory of Recognition: On the Constitution of Relations of Recognition in Conflict”, European Journal of Philosophy, available as early view, May 2013
  • Georg W. Bertram, “Kant and Hegel on Aesthetic Reflection”. Conference on “The Actuality of German Idealism: Form – Judgment – Experience”, Free University of Berlin, Germany, May 2012, “Experience or Reflection? The Question of Modern Art”. Conference on “Art and Contemporaneity”, American University of Paris, France, November 2009, “Adorno and Benjamin on Art as Critical Practice”. Forthcoming in F. Ruda und J. Völker (eds.), Art and Contemporaneity (Zürich and Berlin: Diaphanes)

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