port·fo·li·o  (pôrt-fō'lē-ō', pōrt-)  n.  

  • A portable case for holding material, such as loose papers, photographs, or drawings.
  • The materials collected in such a case, especially when representative of a person's work: a photographer's portfolio; an artist's portfolio of drawings.
  • A celebration of the Skidmore experience
Halloween 2012
   Getting ready
   Summer Academic Institute
   Collaborative research
   Sixth annual Art-A-Rama Week
Upbeat on the Roof
   Summer in Saratoga Springs
   Skidmore Saratoga Classic Horse Show
   SaratogaArtsFest 2012 takes the city by storm
   Reunion '12
Summer Arts Preview
   Commencement 2012
   Salute to the Class of 2012
   Amazing discovery among Maya ruins
   Academic Festival 2012
Spring Athletics
   Albany High School visits campus chem labs
   2012 Spring Dance Concert
   Skidmore's Admissions Ambassadors
   Computer Science Art Show
A memorable spring
   Food Week
   A Residence in Sound Engineering
   New at the Tang
   Contemplations and Conjectures: 12 Artists
Spring Break on Shelter Island
   Skidmore Home Page Redesign
   'Voluntouring' in Cambodia
   Flow Jam
   Winter (Finally!)
What Not to Wear
   2012 Student Art Exhibition
   Winter Sports
   Spring arts, culture preview
   Bon Appétit
Faculty Scholars
   Night Before Finals
   CTM Photo Contest
   Book Drive
   Holiday Traditions
Beatlemore Skidmania
   A Resolution of Arts and Sciences
   Advising Matters at Skidmore
   Happy Halloween
   CTM photo, video contests under way
Designing Skidmania
   Celebration Weekend
   Fresh Faces
   Guest Lecture Smorgasbord
   Fall Sports
Fall Arts
   Skidmore Club Fair
   Welcoming the Class of 2015
   How I Spent My Summer Internship
   Saratoga in Summer
Summer researchers
   Bender Science Pilot Program
   Art-A-Rama Week
   Admissions Summer Open House 2011
   UpBeat on the Roof--Summer Music Series at the Tang
Summer Studio Art Program
   Saratoga Classic Horse Show
   Reunion 2011
   SaratogaArtsFest 2011 ready to hit town
   Summer Programs Preview
Commencement 2011
   Salute to the Class of 2011
   Academic Festival 2011
   Sustainable Skidmore, Spring 2011
   Spring teams enjoying successful season
Replacement of Scribner Village
   Students respond to local, international concerns
   Alternative spring break--Volunteers in the Dominican Republic
   Davis Projects funds mobile library for Nicaragua
Alumni Work at the Tang
   Winter athletics
   Student Art Exhibition
   A Pilot Project in Composting
   The Skidmore-Haiti Initiative
Greetings from Uncle Sam
   'Foundations of Arts Administration'
   The Jewel Thief
   Skidmore Scholars
   The Night Before Finals
Holiday Theme Dinners
   Fall 2010 Scribner Seminars
   Increasing Awareness of the Homeless
   The Bad Plus in Residence
   CTM Photo, Video contests
Fall Sports
   Celebration Weekend
   Fall at Skidmore
   Tang Museum celebrates its 10th anniversary
   Fall Arts Preview
Skidmore Club Fair
   Welcoming the Class of 2014
   Pre-Orientation Begins
   Men's Soccer in Brazil
   Museums of Saratoga Springs
Collaborative Research (2010)
   The Summer Studio Art Program
   Summer Programs Preview
   The annual Skidmore Saratoga Classic Horse Show
   Reunion 2010
Retirement and Recognition
   Commencement 2010
   Salute to the Class of 2010
   2010 Senior Thesis Exhibition
Academic Festival 2010
   Spring at Skidmore
   Spring Sports
   Beach Patrol
   Interacting with the Tang on the Web
Dance+ Festival celebrates 20th year
   SaratogaArtsFest 2010
   The Visible Cell
   A Tribute to Margarethe von Trotta
   Skidmore responds to crisis in Haiti
Winter Sports 2010
   Annual Student Art Exhibition
   Zankel Opens!
   From Filene to Zankel
   Winter through the Years
   Beatlemore/Skidmania 2009
   International Week
   Scribner Seminars
   Fall Sports
CTM Photo Contest
   Halloween at Skidmore
   Celebration Weekend
   Harvest dinners mark change of seasons
   NY Knicks Open Camp to Kids
SEC presents Grizzly Bear
   Visualize History by Picturing the Past
   Lives of the Hudson
   Move-In Day 2009
Skidmore Archeological Dig in Colorado
   Summer in Saratoga
   Summer Faculty/Student Research Program (2009)
   Horses of Saratoga
   Student Garden
Skidmore in Africa
   Summer at the Midpoint
   Saratoga Classic Horse Show
   SaratogaArtsFest takes the city by storm
   SaratogaArtsFest 2009
Reunion 2009
   Faculty Staff Awards
   Commencement 2009
   Salute to the Class of 2009
   Academic Festival
A Preview of Academic Festival
   Spring Sports
   Soccer Without Borders
   Spring at Skidmore
   Outing Club
Skidmore GIS Center
   Skidmore students in service to the Gulf Coast community
   Off-Campus Study
   Hawthorne string Quartet
   Oliver Herring
Winter Carnival
   Winter Sports
   The Return of Ensemble ACJW
   2009 Student Exhibition
   China Diary
Inauguration Day
   Skidmore College and city to present Martin Luther King Day events
   Arthur Zankel Music Center
   Winter at Skidmore
   Field science at Skidmore
Earl Pardon
   Fall Sports 2008
   Fall at Skidmore
   Skidmore Unplugged
   Halloween at Skidmore
Celebration Weekend '08
   CTM Photo Contest
   Evocative works by San Antonio artist Dario Robleto now at the Tang
   Terence Blanchard in Residence
   Class of 2012 arrives
   Summer in Saratoga
   Denny and Rogoff preview SPAC’s classical program
   Pour Day
   Martha Graham Dance Company '08 Residency
2008 Skidmore Classic Horse Show
   SaratogaArtsFest 2008
   Reunion 2008
   Skidmore Retirees
Commencement '08
   Salute to the Class of 2008
   Senior Art Show
   Academic Festival
   Senior project by Courtney Mattison '08
Spring Sports
   Sustainable Skidmore
   Microscopy images
   Skidmore at Night
   Spring Dreams at Skidmore
Science Classrooms
   Winter at Skidmore (Part 3)
   Ujima Fashion Show
   Ensemble ACJW returns for 'Carnegie Hall Premieres'
   Student Art Show
Winter Sports in Full Swing
   Winter at Skidmore (part 2)
   Winter at Skidmore
   Student Clubs and Organizations
   Dining at Skidmore
   First-Year Experience
   Molecules that Matter
   Happy Halloween
   CTM Photo Contest
Fall at Skidmore
   Celebration Weekend
   In Rehearsal
   Faculty Art Show
   Athletics in full swing
Athletics in full swing
   First week of class
   The Class of '11 Arrives
   Summer in Saratoga
Molecules that Matter
   Summer Faculty/Student Research Program
   HEOP Hike
   Summer Science Institute for Girls
   Jazz Institute
<i>Regis Brodie: A Retrospective</i>
   Bill T. Jones
   Skidmore Saratoga Classic Horse Show
   Summer Programs
Reunion 2007
   Horses, Saratoga Style
   Commencement 2007
   2007 Senior Thesis Exhibition