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First week of class

Posted: 09/10/2007

The first week of classes is an exciting and challenging time, especially for first-year students. The Offices the Dean of Students, Dean of Studies, First Year Experience (which among other things administers Scribner Seminars), Registrar and others help Skidmore students acclimate to changes in their academic lives, perhaps never more so than at the start of the fall semester.

Students from all over the nation and many foreign countries come together here each September to study business, foreign languages, the humanities, performance and plastic arts, physical and social sciences and more. They do so under the welcoming guidance of an experienced faculty closely supporting their academic abilities and needs. They reunite with old friends, make new ones, and broaden their intellectual and personal horizons a little more with every lecture or lab they attend, text they study, and discussion in which they participate.

Photos by: Kezia Chee '09 and Christopher Brown '09

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