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In Rehearsal

Posted: 10/08/2007

Skidmore is blessed with a wide variety of performance groups; some are connected with academic departments and programs, others are run by students.

In theater, the Skidmore Theater Department mounts productions in the large thrust theater and the black-box studio space of the Bernhard Theater. This semester's first major production will be Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls, written by Naomi Iizuka and directed by Carolyn Anderson, Oct 19-21 and 25-28. In addition, workshops are presented in the two rehearsal studios, and the department occasionally hosts visiting professional productions and various training workshops. Student-directed organizations include the comedic Ad-Liberal Artists and Sketchies, the musical theater Cabaret Troupe.

Music groups include the Skidmore Chorus, the Vocal Chamber Ensemble, and Opera Workshop; the 70-member Skidmore Orchestra and various chamber ensembles; the Jazz Ensemble and several small jazz combos; the Guitar Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, and string and wind chamber ensembles; the West African Drum Ensemble, and Pulse, a student drumming club. Finally, there are five a cappella singing groups: the Sonneteers, Accents, Bandersnatchers, Drastic Measures, and Dynamics.

In dance, the college has five active student dance clubs: Terpsichore (modern ballet and jazz), Stompin' Soles (tap), Rithmos (hip-hop), Irish Step (Irish dance), and Swing Fever (social dance). The Dance Department puts on student shows each semester, as well as inviting visiting artists to offer workshops, master classes, performances, and lectures throughout the year.

Photos by Heather Gilchrist '09 and Christopher Brown '09

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