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First-Year Experience

Posted: 11/13/2007

The First Year Experience program helps prepare new students for their college experience at Skidmore—and for life. In addition to reading and discussing the annual summer book (this year, Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder), first-year students benefit from orientation activities and enroll in a Scribner Seminar. Through these interdisciplinary seminars, students might find themselves seeing "Rent" in New York City ("The Broadway Musical: An American Cultural Lens"); drawing flora ("Eyes Wide Open: Encountering Environments Through the Visual Arts"); touring the Molecules That Matter exhibit at the Tang ("Human Dilemmas"); hiking into the woods to study local geology ("Hollywood's Portrayal of Science"); studying the legacy of western technology ("Sextants, Nutmeg, Maps and Muskets: Medieval Technology in the Age of Exploration"); working with textiles ("Movers and Shakers: An Exploration of Cloth and Dance Through Personal Practice"); viewing landscape paintings ("An Unsettled Place: 400 Years of Remaking the Hudson River Landscape"); or many other intellectually enriching activities.

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