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Student Art Show

Posted: 02/04/2008

The gallery was crowded and the spirit was festive at the Jan. 29 opening of the 32nd annual Student Art Exhibition in Schick Art Gallery. Students, faculty, and community members were on hand for the traditional launch of the spring semester. There was avid interest in seeing whose work was chosen for inclusion in the show, and who was selected for honors.

Juror John L. Moore, a painter who taught at Skidmore from 1994 to 2004, selected 62 works from the 162 pieces submitted for consideration. A total of 84 students entered works; 53 are represented in the show. In his remarks, Moore noted that the works selected "represent a very promising group of young artists. Painting was the dominant medium entered and were it not for limited gallery space, a number of additional works would have been included in this exhibition," he added.

Moore chose nine award-winners. A large oil on canvas painting by Sarah T. Glasser '08 titled "Unity" was designated Best in Show for its "inventiveness and execution." Said Moore, "A headless, partially limbless, monumental, slightly transparent nude figure struts through the woods. It is a superb painting offering humor and a bit of the surreal. Rich in color, engaging in its movement and imagery, it also shows she has a good sense of scale."

Another oil on canvas, "In Love," by Jessie Edelman '08, received the Renee Van Dewater Memorial Award in Painting. Moore called it "equal to any of the best recent abstract paintings I have seen."

A mixed-media installation of computers, sound, text, and drawn images by Sam Merwin '08 titled "A Series of Tubes" won the Renee Van Dewater Memorial Award in Any Media. Moore said it was "an impressive conceptual work (that) critiques an important contemporary societal issue. It is not a light work and reading the text is revealing."

Two photographers-Mattan Ingram '09 and Katherine Jacobs '08-were cited for their untitled works. Noting that their photographs were included among a compelling grouping of eight small photographs of the same size, Moore said, "Individually they are good and interesting photographs; as a group I found them to have a quality of suspense and edginess." Ingram received the Adirondack Trust Award; Jacobs was named winner of the Image Photo and Digital Lab Award.

Moore was impressed by an untitled mixed-media work by Meredith Mowder '08-a life-sized sculpture of hair and wax, which won the Pro Arts Award. The work's "mix of oddness and sadness reminds one of a cross between George Segal and Robert Gober," said Moore.

Two lithographs by Katina Zulakis '08-"Self" and "Untitled"-won the Allerdice Building Supply Award. Teddy Kunhardt '08 won the Soave Faire Award for his ceramics pieces ("Diptych," "Untitled I," and "Untitled II"), while Julie Neuberg '08 submitted an untitled oil on canvas that won the Case Gallery Award.

Three students received honorable mentions: Elise Bedard, Kirstin Hoffmann, and Courtney Mattison, all Class of '08.

The exhibition runs through Feb. 24 at the Schick Art Gallery, which is open daily. Admission is free.

Photos by Martha Valentine '09 and Andrew Noone '11