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Posted: 08/28/2008

You know the official start of the new academic year is near when pre-orientation begins.

As in past years, about half the Class of 2012 is participating in a dozen or so programs. Many are heading up to the Adirondacks for whitewater rafting, hiking, and canoeing. Others will travel to Vermont's Merck Forest Center for an introduction to sustainable living. Still others are staying on campus, exploring the Tang Museum and local community through digital technology, working on the semester's first issue of the Skidmore News, or exploring both sides of the brain through dance, music, painting, outdoor exploration, and writing.

But before any of these and other activities begin, students meet in color-coded T-shirts in South Park and Case Green for icebreaking exercises. Green signifies SCOOP, purple represents Rock and River, and gray stands for those who are staying on campus.

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