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Field science at Skidmore

Posted: 12/11/2008

Research in the field is a critical component of science studies at Skidmore, and may take place in Saratoga Springs, or in another state.

This portfolio provides a glimpse at students conducting field research in geosciences, biology, and environmental studies. Fieldwork allows scientists to test their hypothesis in a real-world setting. While a laboratory setting enables scholars to conduct pure scientific research under controlled conditions, the field allows them to apply scientific principles in settings that encompass a wide range of circumstances.

These photos depict geosciences Professor Kyle Nichols students on location at Starks Knob in Schuylerville, N.Y., and High Rock Park in downtown Saratoga Springs; and Biology Professor Corey Freeman-Gallantís ornithology students analyzing bird behavior. Although fieldwork in warm sunny weather is appealing, research can also be done during winter months. Sue Van Hook, senior teaching associate in biology, has led environmental science classes in water analysis at Kayaderosseras Creek and on frozen Loughberry Lake. She also brought students to Merck Forest in Rupert, Vt., to tap and analyze trees there.

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