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2009 Student Exhibition

Posted: 01/30/2009

Skidmore’s annual student art show has been a winter tradition for more than 30 years. Designed to showcase student work in a variety of media, the exhibition is a juried by an artist or someone connected to the art community in or beyond the region.

This year’s juror was renowned collage and installation artist Michael Oatman, who was voted one of “Top Three Artists” of the Capital Region by the editors of the Albany Times Union in 2007. He teaches drawing and space in the School of Architecture at Rensselaer, providing fundamental skills while nurturing creativity, individual interests, and at times collaboration. He has been a Yaddo fellow and has received numerous residencies, grants, and honors.

Juror awards are announced at the opening of the Student Exhibition. The following list of winners was revealed during the current exhibition’s opening reception, held Jan. 29 at the Schick Art Gallery:

Best in Show Award, Schick Art Gallery Award 
$350 prize – Jasper Goodrich '08 Reflections of a Woodpecker, wood, brass, wire, mirrors

Tang Teaching Museum Award $250 prize – Shauna Feinberg '09 Sheryl & Steve, woodblock relief print

Renee Van Dewater Memorial Award in painting 
$250 prize – Julia Cizeski '09 The Sick Muse, acrylic, gold leaf

Renee Van Dewater Memorial Award in any media 
$250 prize – Meredith Pierce '09 And her thoughts, and her thoughts, and her thoughts! DVD

Soave Faire Award 
$150 gift certificate – Melinda Kiefer '11 Untitled, rubber, acrylic, rope

Pro Arts Award 
$50 prize – Jessie Moy '11 Bear, acrylic, ink, mirror

Case Gallery Award
 $50 prize – David Mishler '09 Frank I, photograph

Adirondack Trust Award 
$50 savings bond prize – Suzanna Okie '11 Power in a Can, Coca-Cola cans

Allerdice Building Supply Award $35 gift certificate prize – Kallie Day '10 We Are Our Own Enemy, wood, plaster, newspaper, wax

Skidmore Shop Award $25 gift certificate prize – James Eads '11 Trilowheel, mixed-media on found stool

In his artist’s statement, Oatman cited Goodrich’s “massive, witty, and light Reflections of a Woodpecker.” Said Oatman, “Reflections pushes you back out into the world even as you are peering inside it. It’s always great when something comes along and challenges your own history and stance on things.”

He continued, “I love student shows because of the surprises and promise they afford. Nothing is more boring than to go see competent work by someone from whom you have certain expectations….These works will challenge, amuse, and occasionally, disturb. Congratulations to the artists for having such a wealth of ideas and compelling physical manifestations; Skidmore and Saratoga are lucky to have such makers in their midst.”

Honorable Mention: Hana Sackler '09 – Painting Honorable Mention: Mary Beth Thompson '11 – Sculpture Honorable Mention: Alexis Herzog '09 – Book Arts