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Hawthorne string Quartet

Posted: 03/05/2009

The Hawthorne String Quartet, featuring four Boston Symphony Orchestra players, recently completed its Feb. 27 to March 1 residency as part of the fifth annual Skidmore String Music Festival. Invited high school string players in pre-formed string quartets and Skidmore student quartets were coached and inspired by HSQ members Ronan Lefkowitz, Si-Jing Huang, and Mark Ludwig (violinists), and Sato Knudsen (cello).

HSQ’s Feb. 28 performance featured quartets by Franz Schubert (No. 13 “Rosamunde”); Charles Ives (No. 1); and Elliott Carter (Fragment No. 2). Berkshires-based artist Jim Schantz joined the group and created a painting inspired by the group’s performance of Czech composer Hans Krása’s String Quartet.

HSQ was joined by the high school and Skidmore students in a group performance of the Finale from Mendelssohn’s Octet on March 1. High school quartets included the New Jersey Youth Symphony Quartet, the Manchester Community Music School Quartet, and the Saratoga Springs Youth Orchestra Quartet.

Skidmore student quartets included:

• Beethoven Quartet in F minor: Hanna Tonegawa ’11 violin, Gabriella Sultanik ’11 violin, Munkhtsetseg Ayurzana ’09 viola, and Andrew Brown ’09 cello.

• Mendelssohn Quartet in A minor: Erin Anderson ’09 violin, Sarah Goldstein ’09 viola, Peri Strongwater ’11 viola, and William Cusey ’09 cello.

Additional Skidmore students participating in the Mendelssohn Octet Finale performance are: Victoria Vitale ’12 violin, Vasiliki Manginis ’12 violin, Katherine Bohn ’11 violin, Jessica Taffet ’12 viola, Daniel Vidali ’09 cello, and James Merrick ’11 cello.

Photos by: Michal Comite '09 and Chris Weigl '11