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Off-Campus Study

Posted: 03/12/2009

Off-Campus Study is Thriving at Skidmore

About 60% of Skidmore’s student body studies abroad or in other parts of the U.S. prior to graduating. In fact, the College is ranked 14th on the list of top 40 baccalaureate institutions as measured by total number of students studying abroad.

Through the Office of Off Campus Study & Exchanges (OCS&E), students can choose from 125 programs abroad in 43 countries, including Skidmore’s own programs in Paris, London, Spain, India, and China. Students can also choose from almost 200 campuses in the U.S. and its territories through our domestic off-campus opportunities, including options at historically black colleges and universities, historically Hispanic-serving colleges and universities, and schools in urban centers.

Skidmore students have examined gender roles in natural-resource use in Botswana, interned with the mayor’s office in London, conducted field research on architecture in Beijing, spent a semester in Afro-American studies at Howard University in Washington, D.C, and studied marine biology in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

OCS&E’s ultimate goal is to allow students to engage in a distinct culture and, in turn, to begin to question the assumptions they hold regarding themselves, their own culture, and the cultures of others. Certainly in today's global society, we all need to be able to confront cultural expectations and stereotypes in our daily personal and professional lives. By developing and supporting a wide variety of off-campus opportunities, OCSE hopes to advance Skidmore's goals of producing engaged citizens who possess a high level of intercultural literacy.

Photos by: Korlarp Suwacharangkul '10, David Mishler '09 and Rachel Roderman'09