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Skidmore GIS Center

Posted: 03/26/2009

Skidmore’s GIS Center for Interdisciplinary Research

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) utilizes relevant information and specialized software to interact, manipulate, analyze, and present geographically referenced data. Data can be shown in relation to topics such as politics, environmental studies, geography, geology, biology, economics, business, and history.

Skidmore’s Center provides students and faculty with the resources and expertise to incorporate GIS and related geospatial technology into course offerings and research across academic disciplines. The Center is also a resource for local governments, environmental and social nonprofit organizations, and historic societies.

Thanks to the presence of the GIS facility, two courses are regularly offered — EC 361: Economic Geography and ID 210: Introduction to GIS. Additionally, a number of geosciences, environmental studies, biology, and anthropology courses have been substantially enriched. The Center is also a valuable resource for summer faculty-student collaborative research, including the Water Resource Initiative, senior seminar capstones, and independent study projects.