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Horses of Saratoga

Posted: 07/27/2009

Come late summer in Saratoga Springs, horses are everywhere. Not just at historic Saratoga Race Course on Union Avenue but uptown, downtown, and around campus too. In front of Scribner House, the iron lawn jockey is freshly painted with Skidmore yellow and green, and varsity athletes don gear bearing the green Thoroughbreds logo. In August, Saratoga is not only a charming college town but horse heaven too.

Catch the thoroughbreds doing their morning gallops at the track, with a 7 a.m. sun burning through a wispy mist. You can hang out in the stands with a paper cup of coffee as you watch them canter and prance, or dress up for the track’s “Saratoga Sunrise” breakfast smorgasbord, with its linen-clad tables down close to the action. Check out the horses of history at the Saratoga Racing Museum just across Union Avenue from the race course.

Care to ride your own? Try the brightly painted carousel steeds in Congress Park, or dare to take the two-minute race course-simulator ride at the Racing Museum. Just looking? Wander downtown among the “painted ponies” standing in front of bustling shops and restaurants all over town. From weathervanes to the city’s public parking signs to the windows of artists’ studios a-gallop in horse paintings and sculptures, equine images abound.

Click here to catch a glimpse of Skidmore’s own “Mounties”—Campus Safety adjunct officers whose well-trained mounts, brightly arrayed in Skidmore yellow and green, are on hand for major college events like Reunion and Commencement. But to meet “Skids,” the College’s equine mascot, you’ll have to join us in September, right here on campus.

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