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Move-In Day 2009

Posted: 09/11/2009

It could have been crazy. Instead, it was “serene,” according to the parent of a First-Year student, describing “Move-In Day, 2009.”

Parking—a customary challenge on most college campuses, especially on the first day of the academic year—became top priority as Skidmore prepared for the arrival of new students on Sunday, Sept. 6. This past year, a team including members of the Campus Safety, First-Year Experience (FYE), Residential Life, and Facilities departments strategized to make the system safer for students and families, and better for campus properties. The Campus Safety staff was worried about clogged fire lanes and congested campus roadways, and the Facilities crew voiced concern about damage to the grounds from cars parked on grass. The Residential Life and FYE teams wanted to decrease the stress to help families have an easier time getting their student acclimated to the campus.

The committee devised a plan that involved designated parking lots and move-in times, and large, bright posters, color-coded by dorm, to help people find the correct residence halls and drop-off zones.

A large number of Move-In volunteers—student athletes, Eco-Reps, and peer mentors—helped families find their way around campus to the correct residence halls, then helped unload cars and transport items to the new homes of arriving students.

One parent shared her thoughts in an email sent to the FYE office:

“You couldn't have organized it any better. At every turn there was someone cheerful to help, and a well-placed sign helping us understand where we were or were going. We arrived expecting a throng, long lines, chaos, and generally a stressful day. It was the complete opposite—in fact we were all stunned to actually feel serene! I am really impressed by how first-rate your management of what could have been a very difficult day was, and how sensitive you've been about the emotional pulls of such a big transition.”

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