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SEC presents Grizzly Bear

Posted: 10/02/2009

Indie rock darlings Grizzly Bear kicked off a national tour Sept. 25 in front of a standing-room-only crowd of 1,300+ in Skidmore’s Sports and Recreation Center. The band’s album, Veckatimest, debuted at eighth on the Billboard 200, pretty astounding for an independent group.

The gym became a concert hall due to the efforts of Skidmore’s Student Entertainment Company (SEC), which hosted the event and worked hard to make it a success. Set-up began at 10 a.m. to transform the gym. The efforts paid off—concertgoers saw a beautiful stage set featuring Mason jars containing 25-watt light bulbs that were suspended from the ceiling. The crowd responded to the setting and especially, to the band when the music of “Two Weeks” started. Area press gave the show positive reviews.

While concertgoers grooved to the music, juniors Patrick Glennon and Julia Brenner, president and vice president, respectively, of the 60-member SEC, could finally enjoy the moment after several months of behind-the-scenes organizing—working with booking agencies, marketing and PR, getting sound and lighting handled, lining up students to work the show, and more. “The amount I worry probably isn’t good for my health,” confided Glennon, who plans on a career in music promotion. “But it basically ensures that most everything is covered.” So what did the SEC leaders learn from their Grizzly Bear experience? “Stay enthusiastic,” advised Brenner. “When you are leading anything, no matter what, you have to be really excited about everything because it’s totally contagious.” Added Glennon, “Trust people. When Grizzly Bear came up, I was a little reluctant to be honest. But their crossover audience and the anticipation on campus was phenomenal. SEC members were right. They know what they’re talking about. It was an absolutely great decision.”

For a pre-concert interview with Glennon and Brenner, click here.

Photos by: Chris Wiegl '11 and Carolyn Raider '10

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