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Posted: 12/18/2009

“Pixel by pixel, contemporary photography is reshaping our concept of truth and identity,” says Deb Hall, associate professor of art. “With the loss of the photographic object, both our idea of representation and the role of the image is shifting.”

The nature and implications of this photographic shift were the focus of a remarkable Scribner Seminar course Hall led this fall with 16 first-year students. Visiting the Tang, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Scribner Library’s Special Collections, they studied such topics as photography and aesthetics, portraits, icons, identity, the role of viewpoint and perspective, memory and evidence, and archiving and commodification of the image.

Their work resulted in a final exhibit in Case Gallery, “Pixelated: The New Photography,” a sampling from which is presented here. Following are the students who took the course:

Timothy Berens
Isabel Cusick
Evan Friedler
Adrienne Fuller
Melissa Green
Katrina Heiss
Rachel Hutchins
Skylar Kergil
Audrey Nelson
Ethan Paul
Catherine Rosenberg
Courtney Sager
Chloe Salidor
Seth Seeman
Matthew Walsh
Saya Signs, Peer Mentor

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