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Retirement and Recognition

Posted: 06/02/2010

This is a photographic tribute to 26 Skidmore employees who recently retired and to 183 employees who this year observed five-, ten-, 15-, 20-, 25-, 30-, 35- and 40-year service anniversaries. All were recognized along with recipients of the 2010 President’s Awards at the Annual Employee Retirement and Recognition Luncheon held May 25 on Case Green.

They have invested their talents and time in our students, facilities, services, and administration, and their service has brought value and distinction to the College.

Those who have retired:

  • Sandy Baum, financial aid consultant, Admissions
  • Susan Bender, professor, Anthropology & Social Work
  • Angel Berenguer, assistant director of Skidmore in Spain, Off-Campus Study and Exchanges
  • Joan Berenguer, director of Skidmore in Spain, Off-Campus Study and Exchanges
  • Marsha Biggie, admissions assistant, Admissions
  • Don Blunk, director of principal gifts, Development
  • Mary Correa, associate professor, Management & Business
  • Michael Garcia, athletic trainer, Athletics
  • Eleanor Hutchins, administrative assistant, Geosciences
  • Paul Irish, central receiving clerk, Dining Services
  • Rob Linrothe, associate professor, Art History
  • Jack Manning, maintenance mechanic, Mechanical Trades
  • Mary Ellen May, customer attendant and short order cook, Dining Services
  • Barbara Melville, staff writer, Communications
  • Judy Moliero, assistant to the director, Scribner Library
  • Betty O’Connor, associate director, IT-Enterprise Systems
  • Nancy Osberg-Otrembiak, secretary, American Studies, Latin American Studies and Neuroscience
  • Doris Pettit, public access/periodical assistant, Scribner Library (honoree and retiree)
  • Monica Rice, administrative assistant, Gift Planning (honoree and retiree)
  • Phyllis Roth, professor, English
  • Barbara Snell, budget assistant, Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • Bill Standish, associate professor, Physics
  • Sally Stebbins, academic advisor, UWW
  • Tom Travis, end user computing specialist, IT-User Services
  • Sue Valenti, coordinator of student housing, Residential Life
  • Sue Van Hook, senior teaching associate, Biology

Those observing 35-year anniversaries:

  • Susan Kress, vice president, Academic Affairs
  • Karen Lutt, art and supply buyer, Skidmore Shop
  • Jesse Oliver, grounds mechanic, Grounds
  • Stephen Otrembiak, AV technician, IT-Media Services

Those observing 30-year anniversaries:

  • Robert Benson, electrician, Mechanical Trades
  • Philip Boshoff, associate professor, English
  • Peggy Boyers, executive editor, Salmagundi
  • Nancy Jo Davidsen, lecturer, Music
  • Michael Garcia, athletic trainer, Athletics (honoree and retiree)
  • Colleen Manning, supervisor of events and housekeeping, Custodial Operations
  • Deborah Meyers, director, UWW
  • Margaret Pearson, associate professor, History
  • Roy Rotheim, professor, Economics
  • Joel Smith, associate professor, Philosophy & Religion
  • Sheldon Solomon, professor, Psychology

Those observing 25-year anniversaries:

  • John Anzalone, The Class of 1948 Chair for Excellence in Teaching, Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Una Bray, associate professor, Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Joel Brown, senior artist-in-residence, Music
  • Dianne Burger, licensed practical nurse, Health Services
  • Brian Burns, clerk, Post Office
  • Gail Cuerdon, customer attendant/short order cook, Dining Services
  • Catherine Domozych, senior teaching associate, Biology
  • Mark Hofmann, professor of mathematics, Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Cindy Hurley, bursar, Financial Services
  • Charles Joseph, professor, Music
  • Susan Lehr, professor, Education Studies
  • Doris Pettit, serials and binding assistant, Scribner Library (honoree and retiree)
  • Monica Rice, administrative assistant, Gift Planning (honoree and retiree)
  • Janet Sorensen, associate professor, Art
  • Sandra Welter, assistant director, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies
  • Pierre von Kaenel, professor & chair, Mathematics & Computer Science

Those receiving President’s Awards:

  • Faculty: Winston Grady-Willis, director for Intercultural Studies and associate professor, American Studies; and Kimberly Marsella, coordinator and lecturer, Environmental Studies.
  • Students: Dawn Harfmann '10, Elana Hazghia '10, and Annie Satinover '11.
  • Staff: Erica Fuller, campus sustainability coordinator, Facilities Services; Michael Profita, director, Career Services; Robert Royce, senior end user computing specialist, IT–User Services.
  • Team: Health Services Team