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Skidmore Club Fair

Posted: 09/17/2010

Campus clubs and organizations

Every year on the first Friday of the fall semester, Skidmore holds a student club fair. It's become a popular tradition, especially for first-year students eager to see what opportunities are available to them to round out their college experience. And this year's event was no exception. Nearly 80 clubs and organizations —10 or so in their first or second full year — set up and manned tables with cool signs, handouts, goodies, and the all-important signup sheets (your e-mail please!). All in all, some 400 students attended and got connected at the two-hour fair.

The oldest club on campus is the first female a cappella group, the Skidmore Sonneteers. Two of the newest—Fight Club, a conflict-resolution group, and Nihon Go!, a Japanese club—were launched in 2009.

Club life at Skidmore aligns with academic interests, as in the case of the American Studies, International Affairs, and European Union clubs; and encourages performance, as with the Ad-Libs, Hip Hop Alliance, Sonneteers, and Terpsichore dance club.  Some clubs promote activism and awareness:  Benef-Action, Skidmore Young Republican Assembly, Pride Alliance, SOAR.  There are clubs dedicated to media (Skidmore News, Eromdiks, the Skidmore yearbook, WSPN, and SkidTV);  and outdoor pursuits (Cycling and Outing clubs). 

A few clubs present programs for the entire campus community, such as the Speakers Bureau, which sponsored recent visits by Ira Glass, host of This American Life, and author David Sedaris; and Student Entertainment Company (SEC), which is sponsoring the Oct. 1 concert by Janelle Monae.

Interested in learning more about Skidmore’s club scene?  Contact Alex Bland ’12,  SGA vice president for clubs and organizations.

Photos by Sam Brook '12 and Peter MacDonald

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