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Tang Museum celebrates its 10th anniversary

Posted: 10/01/2010

The Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery, which opened its doors on the Skidmore campus in September 2000, is marking its 10th anniversary with a yearlong celebration featuring special exhibitions and events. The museum has become an important cultural resource for the region, drawing some 40,000 visitors annually, ranging from local students who visit through school programs to museum-goers from around the globe.

Over the past decade the Tang has presented a range of shows that stretch the boundaries of the traditional museum, bringing a wide variety of disciplines together in new and creative ways. The museum’s innovative exhibitions and programs serve both as cultural experiences in their own right and as extensions of the classroom.

Among that many Tang shows that have drawn national attention are From Pop to Now: Selections from the Sonnabend Collection (2002), which presented works by 54 influential contemporary artists, and Molecules That Matter (2007), which showcased 10 organic molecules that profoundly altered our world in the 20th century. The latter show was organized by the Tang in partnership with the Chemical Heritage Foundation of Philadelphia.

“The Tang Museum has developed a dedicated audience of regular visitors," said John Weber, the museum's Dayton Director. “What distinguishes the Tang nationally is its identity as a teaching museum that works creatively with artists; with Skidmore faculty, students, and teachers; and with parents and kids to explore ideas through objects and exhibitions. Our anniversary exhibitions are great examples of that.”

The current show on the main floor of the Tang is The Jewel Thief, which brings together abstract works by over 60 artists in unusual display formats, with the intention of provoking new ways to experience and think about abstract art. On display in the Payne Room is Paula Hayes: Understory, with “living art” designed to connect people to the natural environment. The pieces include large silicone planters with small trees and a series of exquisite hand-blown glass terrariums, which are home to a variety of plants and gems.

The second-floor gallery currently features Suzanne Bocanegra: I Write The Songs, presenting a range of work by this New York-based artist, including wall works, sound and video installations, and a new piece that combines live dance and recorded sound.

Said Ian Berry, Malloy Curator at the museum, “The Tang is a laboratory, and part of our mission as a teaching museum is to regularly ask questions in our galleries. That includes questioning conventional notions of museum display—something we are playing with in The Jewel Thief.

Fall 2010 Opening Reception
Saturday, Oct. 9
6 to 7:30 p.m.

Celebrate the fall exhibitions at the Tang, including The Jewel Thief, Suzanne Bocanegra: I Write the Songs, Paula Hayes: Understory, and Eye Rhymes.  Light refreshments served.  Open to the public. For more information click here.

10 Hours of Tang
Sunday, Oct. 10
10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

A day-long celebration of the Tang Museum's first 10 years, including music, curator's tours, a scavenger hunt, films, hands-on art activities, and a panel discussion with artists.  For more information click here.