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Fall at Skidmore

Posted: 10/08/2010

They shaded us through the heat of a long summer, the leaves of the oak, maple, and birch that anchor the Skidmore campus. But they’ve saved the best for last, signaling fall’s arrival with splashes of boisterous color to clearly mark the change of season.

It’s fall at Skidmore and the pace is quick.  Classes are under way and people move briskly during the cool mornings and early evenings.  But the warm afternoons beckon, inviting people outside for a chance to enjoy the sunlight.

The long, late-afternoon shadows are a vivid reminder of the ever-shortening days, further emphasized by the leaves that rustle under feet. Campus gardens have transitioned from summer’s petunias to autumn’s chrysanthemums, providing an irresistible opportunity for creative messaging.

Whether studying, working, competing, or relaxing, Skidmore’s students have embraced the rhythm of the season:  challenging academics balanced with club and athletic events, along with chance opportunities to enjoy the best of the season, such as a rainbow that appeared following a mid-week rainstorm in early October.

It’s fall, and we love every moment of it in upstate New York.