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Celebration Weekend

Posted: 10/17/2010

As Friday’s rain gave way Saturday and Sunday to crisp autumnal sunshine, more than 2000 alumni, parents, trustees, and donors converged on the campus for a Celebration Weekend that’s certain to be remembered as one of the most remarkable in the College’s history.

Never before had the College dedicated a building so large or so transformative to its mission. Never before had the College completed so successful a campaign. And never before had the College so many donors and volunteers to thank for their efforts.

Generous, thoughtful, challenging: Arthur Zankel remembered
In the building made possible by Arthur Zankel's generosity, family and friends reflected on the remarkable contributions of a man who dedicated his philanthropy to education.

Skidmore honors the contributions of many
It was truly a cause to celebrate: the success of the College's Creative Thought Bold Promise Campaign. Nearly 500 attended a gala dinner where they were honored for their work on behalf of Skidmore.

Sports center named for Susan Kettering Williamson
Praising her "quiet strength, judgment, and balance," the College honored its longest-serving trustee, a co-chair of the Creative Thought Bold Promise campaign, and a trailblazer in sports and fitness.

Tang's 10th anniversary luncheon a time for reflection
A building that originally was regarded as against the odds has become a "brave new world to invite the unexpected."