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Guest Lecture Smorgasbord

Posted: 10/07/2011

Skidmore’s lecture halls, studios, and labs host a wide range of free, public events. Along with scores of faculty presentations, various academic programs, campus-life offices, and named endowments sponsor formal appearances by expert guest speakers, many of whom also spend time to engage with students inside and outside the classrooms. Here are some fall highlights.

Coming soon:

Through an Artist’s Eyes” by Oscar-winning filmmaker Zana Briski (Carr Distinguished Interdisciplinary Lecture), Wednesday, Oct. 12

"No End in Sight," by 9/11 family member Donna Marsh O'Connor ("Theater of War in a House of Peace" Series), Thursday, Oct. 13

Adventures in Entrepreneurship” by ReputationDefender cofounder and Bay Citizen technology executive Brian Kelley '00, Monday, Oct. 17

Can We Still Feed the World in 2050?” by Swiss Federal Institute of Technology scholar Wilhelm Gruissem (Distinguished Scientist Lecture), Wednesday, Oct. 19

Pre-Concert talk by Ensemble ACJW (Carnegie Premieres Series), Friday, Oct. 21

Recently given:

What’s All the Fracking Fuss?” by environmental-justice pioneer Lois Gibbs (Sept. 19)

Jerusalem in Islamic Thought” by Ben-Gurion University professor Daniella Talman-Heller (Greenberg Middle East Scholar-in-Residence, Sept. 20)

Arthur Szyk: Book Illustrator Extraordinaire” by international Szyk scholar and curator Irvin Ungar (Fox-Adler Lecture, Sept. 22)

Revolution in the Arab World” by Arab Spring eye-witnesses Steve Negus and Sumita Pahwah (Sept. 27)

Pre-exhibition talk on x-ray fluorescence in the analysis of ancient Maya paintings by Skidmore professor Heather Hurst ’97 (Sept. 27)

Pre-exhibition talk on visual perception of 3D forms by Skidmore professor Flip Phillips (Oct. 4)

Common Law Originalism by Cornell professor Bernadette Meyler (Fiscus Lecture in Constitutional Law, Oct. 6)