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Fresh Faces

Posted: 10/13/2011

They were chosen from one of the largest, strongest, and most diverse applicant pools in Skidmore College’s history—666 first-year and 28 transfer students with their own unique talents, perspectives, and dreams.  They hail from 32 states and 32 countries—26 percent self-identify as students of color, seven percent are international, and six percent are citizens of more than one country. They are Skidmore’s 2011 Fresh Faces on campus.

These fresh faces from the Class of 2015 bring a wide range of interests and experiences to the Skidmore community. They have volunteered in soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and nursing homes, as well as participated in service mission trips to more than 30 different countries. They have been active in the Big Brother/Big Sister program, Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, and the Special Olympics.

They come from culturally rich and diverse backgrounds. In addition to English, they speak 20 different languages, including Russian, Japanese, Urdu, Turkish, and Armenian. They have travelled the world, including all of the countries in Europe, Cuba, Bali, New Zealand, Ecuador, Cambodia, Mexico, China, Paraguay, Vietnam, South Africa, and Swaziland. One student has visited 36 countries.

They have worked all over the world in all kinds of professions, from welder to winery grape harvester to glass blower to commercial fisherman. They have created businesses in landscaping, animal care, and jewelry making. They hold awards from the National Merit Scholarship program, the Science Olympiad and Intel Science Competition, the Girl Scouts and Boys Scouts. One even boasts perfect attendance since the first grade.

The list goes on and on. They are a wonderfully talented, energetic, and diverse group, and Skidmore College is lucky to have them.

Meet just a few.