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Designing Skidmania

Posted: 10/21/2011

Deb Hall, associate professor of art, loves to get students in her Communications Design II class involved in worthwhile real-world causes. For example, when the College’s Sustainability Office approached her three years ago about developing a student-focused campaign aimed at reducing energy consumption, she got them right on it, developing the basic concept for the “Skidmore Unplugged” campaign, designing a “Captain Kill-a-Watt” costume, and creating a Web site that reported in real-time each residence hall’s consumption of electricity. (See this Portfolio gallery.)

Poster winner, Samantha Shneyer
Poster design winner Samantha Shneyer '12

When Gordon Thompson, professor of music, proposed enlisting her class to work with students in his advanced Beatles seminar on the design of posters and T-shirts for the 11th edition of Beatlemore Skidmania, a fund-raiser for Skidmore Cares, Hall saw another great opportunity for her students to make a difference.

Collaboratively approaching the assignment, Hall’s students brainstormed myriad ways they could use typefaces, colors and motifs from the Beatles era to capture the spirit of Skidmania. Some generated their designs by hand. Others used a combination of hand-drawing and Adobe Illustrator. You’ll find the results below.

When Hall’s students turned their concepts over to Thompson’s class, it took an entire two-hour class session for the Skidmania organizers to closely study the 17 designs and ultimately decide that Samantha Shneyer ’12 had come up with the best solution for both the poster and the T-shirt. But they liked other designs so much they picked an additional three to be printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper, signed and dated by the artist, and offered for sale at both the November 11 and 12 events.

No doubt they’ll be quickly snapped up.

To order tickets for the 11th edition of Beatlemore Skidmania: Beatles and Beyond, go to the Zankel Web site.