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Beatlemore Skidmania

Posted: 11/18/2011

Appropriately taking place on 11/11/11 (and again on 11/12/11), the 11th edition of Beatlemore Skidmania again packed Zankel’s Helene Filene Ladd Hall and left its audiences marveling at the extraordinary talent of Skidmore students.

This year's Skidmania was organized as a class assignment by students taking the advanced Beatles seminar taught by Gordon Thompson, professor of music. And net proceeds from the event again went to Skidmore Cares -- $4500 in all, more than $2,000 than raised last year.

But all 17 of the student acts were new, and all reinterpreted a Beatles classic in a way that surprised, delighted and often amazed. And, thanks to SkidTv, this was the first Skidmania ever to be livestreamed on the Web, and 250 tuned in.

“The students wanted to create a better Beatlemore Skidmania than we had ever staged, and they accomplished that,” said Thompson. “They chose great music and arrangements, and helped to run a nearly flawless show."