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What Not to Wear

Posted: 02/24/2012

How many ways are there to make a bad first impression? Plenty, as a half-dozen student models demonstrated at the first What Not to Wear (Skidmore Style!) Fashion Show hosted Wednesday evening by SGA, the Management and Business Department, and Career Services.

Excessive jewelry, ill-fitting shirts, inappropriate shoes and other fashion misstatements were in abundant supply at the event, staged to increase in a humorous way students’ awareness of the importance of dressing for success in job interviews and career networking. 

“We’re all going out into the real world and we need to look put together,” said Raiza Nazareth ’12, SGA’s vice president for communications and MC for the event.

Students generally understand that they’re going to going to have to wear a suit and look their best for formal job interviews, says Deb Loffredo, director of Career Services. “What many don’t have, however, is a good sense of what to wear for slightly less formal career networking situations, such as Career Jam and other alumni- and parent-hosted events. It’s the business-casual situations that are most open to misinterpretation.”

In a small but telling illustration of the challenge, students attending Wednesday night’s event immediately called out Kadeem Brown for the holes in the jeans he was modeling for wearing to Career Jam. It took a bit longer for them to come to a consensus that he shouldn’t have been wearing jeans in the first place.

The local outlet of The Gap on North Broadway played a key supporting role in the event by providing clothes to modeled. Through March 22, they’re also offering Skidmore students a 25 percent discount on all business-casual clothes. 

High financial need students may stop in to Career Services to see if they qualify to receive up to $100 from its Susan Hirsch Schwartz ’68 Career Assistance Fund.

Photos by  Gary Gold, Sam Brook ’12 and Marielle Briant ’14