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Winter (Finally!)

Posted: 03/02/2012

Last fall the forecast was for a record-breaking winter of cold and snow – predictions that turned out to be far off the mark. Instead, there were near records for warmth and lack of snow, until the Leap Day snowstorm of 2012 rolled in, reminding upstate New York to not give up on winter just yet.

The biggest storm of the current winter transformed pathways and trees with nearly a foot of snow, but caused barely a ripple in the campus routine. Students made the most of winter’s bounty with impromptu snowball fights on Case Green or by sledding down the hills near North Woods apartments.

It’s probably good that they enjoyed the snow when it arrived -- the weather forecast for the next week promises temperatures approaching 50 degrees. We will celebrate that warmth but remain guarded: the first day of spring is still nearly three weeks away.

Photos by Sam Brook ’12, Marielle Briant '14  and Nghia Luu ’14