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Flow Jam

Posted: 03/07/2012

Skidmore’s first-ever Flow Jam, a weeklong wellness program geared toward helping students “live in the moment,” offered a variety of activities designed to increase individuals’ well being and ultimately, their health and productivity.

Sponsored by FIGHT Club with assistance from several campus organizations and clubs, Flow Jam was the idea of Chris Lord ’12, FIGHT Club president. His inspiration? His friends’ stress. Said Lord, “This stress limits their enjoyment of all activity, reducing productivity and decreasing well-being.”

Lord and his collaborators organized a week of yoga, meditation, tai chi, Brazilian jiu jitsu, reiki, and workshops and lectures by experts, including Dr. MaryBeth Scalice, a psychotherapist who is Lord’s mother; Sean MacQueen on meditation; and Pierre Zimmerman on Way of Council practices. Also presenting was Dr. Brian Luke Seaward of Boulder, Colo., author of the leading book used in college-level stress reduction classes, whose clients have included Olympic athletes, Broadway actors, media personalities, and corporate leaders.

The goal was to introduce students to new, healthful ways of dealing with challenges, and to increase campus respect for healing and wellness practices. Lord believes the project achieved these targets. “Every event had students attending and I received emails from students thanking me and asking that such programs continue,” he said.

When The Skidmore News published an opinion essay criticizing Flow Jam, Lord met with the author to learn more about the reasons for his dissatisfaction. Perhaps due to the positive effects of Flow Jam, Lord believes the conversation was “a positive action.” He said, “I see opportunities to inspire Skidmore students to take action toward their own wellness. I hope to show them that they have the ability to create events and shape Skidmore and the world.”

Photos by Nghia Luu, Marielle Bryant, and Elise Auger, all Class of ’14.