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Skidmore's Admissions Ambassadors

Posted: 04/24/2012

Meet the student faces of Skidmore College Admissions—if you haven’t already met them. Welcoming visitors from near and far, they represent Skidmore in person and online. They answer countless questions and work tirelessly to give prospective students and their families an inside look at academic and co-curricular life at Skidmore.

They are the College’s Admissions Ambassadors.

During the year, you’ll find them virtually everywhere on campus. This spring, they gave tours during the “Introduction to Skidmore for High School Juniors & Sophomores” programs in which they interacted with nearly 600 families. They fielded questions from the nearly 500 families who attended Accepted Candidates days in April.

They also participated in four live chats, where they answered nearly 500 questions about academics, residential life, athletics, admissions requirements, and more. They helped host 130 students from 17 states and six countries during Skidmore’s recent Discovery Tour for ALANA (African American, Latino, Asian American, Native American) students. Throughout the year, they give tours daily Monday through Saturday.

Wherever prospective students and families encounter our wonderfully talented, energetic, and diverse group of ambassadors, they are happy they did. Here’s your chance to meet just a few of them.