Enrollment Certification

The Registrar's Office provides official certification and enrollment verification for:

    Good Student Driver Verification                 Scholarship Certifications
    Insurance Verification                               Sports Eligibility
    International Student Id Application           Veteran Certifications 
    International Military Deferment                Verification of Degree                
    Letter of Good Academic Standing              Verification of Student Status for Jury Duty
    Loan Deferment Requests                        
To Request a Certification Letter:                           

First check the information below to see which office you need to contact:

1. Matriculated undergraduate students, send an email to register@skidmore.edu;
include the following information.

  • Student's full name(include maiden name if applicable)
  • Term needed: Fall Term/Yr [i.e. Fall 2008], Spring Term/Yr or All Terms
  • Class year or dates of attendance at Skidmore
  • Where the certification is to be sent:  Address, fax# or campus mail.  Sending enrollment certification letter through campus mail your Skidmore mail box # is REQUIRED.
  • Type of certification: Enrollment, Good Student, Degree or Veterans
  • Deadlines
  • Any additional information needed (parent reference info[i.e. name or social security number, insurance policy number, etc.]
2. Masters Program certifications contact the MALS office at (518)580-5480
3. UWW student certifications contact the UWW office at (518)580-5450


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