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Declaring a Major


A major field of study selected from the Skidmore College degree programs must be formally declared by the second semester of the sophomore year, prior to registration for the junior year. Requirements in a department are stated in the departmental announcements. Students are limited to two majors and three minors.

A qualified student may propose a self-determined major, which must contain a core of at least 30 credit hours pertinent to the student’s central interest. See the SDM website and Catalog for procedures for designing such a program.

How to declare a major:

  • Print or obtain TWO copies of the Declaration of Major Form from the Registrar's website or pick them up in the Registrar's Office.
  • Make an appointment with your intended advisor. Discuss your academic plans and obtain his/her signature on both major forms.
  • Obtain the signature of the department chairperson of your intended major.
  • Leave one copy of the form with the department of your intended major and deliver the other to the Registrar's Office. The Office of Academic Advising will be notified of any change in advisor, and your advising folder will go to your new advisor.
  • If you are declaring a double major, repeat this process for the second one.
  • Interdepartmental majors require an advisor in each department as well as the signature of each department chairperson on the Major form.
  • Self-Determined majors: detailed information for establishing a SDM can be viewed on the Self-Determined Major website. Refer to the Skidmore College Catalog for more information.

Please keep in mind that declaring a major is not binding. It is possible to change at a later date. However, it is in your best interest to make a decision and start the process now.