Salmagundi No. 104-105 / Fall 1994 – Winter 1995

Salmagundi No. 104-105 / Fall 1994 – Winter 1995Table of Contents

Race & Racism: American Dilemmas Revisited
    I.  Identity Politics, The Decline of Racism, Good vs. Bad Blacks, The Work Ethic, etc.
    II.  What Happened to the Civil Rights Movement?  Institutional Discrimination, The Law, New Agendas
    III.  The Politics—and the Unforeseen Consequences—of Affirmative Action
    IV.  Afrocentrism, “Difference,” Role Models and the Construction of Race
    V.  The Underclass, Suburbanization, Localism, Immigrant Populations: Reconceiving Race and Racism


Newcomer by Robert Pinsky
The Oxbow by Mary Maxwell
Mtthew 5:22 by Jordan Smith
For Radovan Lorkovic by John peck
Not Visiting the Dalai Lama in Vermont by Stephen Sandy
Venetian Ode by Frederick Tibbetts
Fight or Flight by Miriam Flock
Peack Season by Jane Shore
“I Did Speak of Some Distressful Stroke…” by Lorrie Goldensohn
The Other White Meat by David Citino
Two Poems by Alfred Corn

Three Essays by George Konrad

Remembering Elias Canetti
    Roberto Calasso on Canetti
    Claudio Magris on Canetti
    Ten Aphorisms by Elias Canetti
Zaniness by Daniel Harris
An Interview with Mark Morris by Maura Keefe and Marc Woodworth
Allergy by Bia Lowe
The Sense of Existing by François Flahault

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