Salmagundi No. 106-107 / Spring – Summer 1995

Salmagundi No. 106-107 / Spring – Summer 1995Table of Contents


Letter from Paris by Tzvetan Todorov
Force Fields by Martin Jay
Art and Ideas by Roger Shattuck

Saul Bellow at Eighty: A Special Section
Moving Quickly: An Interview with Saul Bellow
Saul Bellow at Eighty by Gabriel Josipovici
Saul Bellow by Josef Skvorecky
Bellow’s Gift by Leonard Michaels
Bellow, the Rain king by Anita Desai
Mr. Sammler, Hero of Our Time by Jay Parini
Like a Bellow Character by Edward Hoagland
On Saul Bellow’s Seize the Day by Elizabeth Frank
On Bellow by Nicholas Delbanco
The Gift by mark Krupnick
Saul Bellow: Essayism, Allegory, and the Realistic Novel
    by Michael André Bernstein
The Spanish Journey of Saul Bellow’s Fiction
    by Barbara Probst Solomon
Captains of Intellect by Robert Boyers


The Actor of Esperanto by Daniel Bourne
Two Poems by Scott Hightower
Two Poems by Joyce Carol Oates
Tulpenwoede (1634-1637) by Jeredith Merrin
Two Poems by John Matthias
Clearwater by Lorrie Goldensohn
Only Child by Jay Rogoff

Essays, Fiction, Observations

The Cinema Animal by Geoffrey Hartman
The Life and Work of Christopher Lasch: An American Story
    by Jean Bethke Elshtain
School Days by Russell Banks
Snippets and Seeds by Rudolf Arnheim

The New Puritanism Reconsidered

A Debate
Dealing with What’s Dealt by Nancy Huston

Books in Review

Racial Voting and Racial Representation by Larry D. Nachman
Opinion Pieces, The Third Sex and Feminism’s Tent by Suzanne Rhodenbaugh
The New Oates Novel by Sanford Pinsker
Lacan’s Return to Freud by Gilbert D. Chaitin

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