Salmagundi No. 109-110 / Winter – Spring 1996

Salmagundi No. 109-110 / Winter – Spring 1996Table of Contents


Letter from Paris by Tzvetan Todorov

Raising a Cenotaph by John Peck

I’ve got a Little List by William H. Gass
Doggystan by Clark Blaise
Only Connect by Lynne Sharon Schwartz
R.B. Kitaj at the Met by Martin Pops

Elegy for Whit by Barry Goldensohn
Arcade by Marc Woodworth
Creation of the World by Sally Ball
Two Poems by Lawrence Raab
Great World Intentional by Cal Bedient
Jeremiah Lamenting… by Leonard Nathan
Angel of Judgment by Scott Hightower
Three Poems by Paul Nelson
The Chameleon by Richard Moore

The Homosexual Body by Daniel Harris
Writing in Arabic Script by Kenneth Bernard
The Nasty Man by Kenneth Bernard
The Good, the Bad and the Activist by André Comte-Sponville
On First Looking into Baker’s Index by Bert O. States
Crossing Cultural Boundaries by Arthur Goldhammer
Heidegger’s Guilt by James Miller

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