Salmagundi No. 113 / Winter 1997

Table of Contents

Salmagundi No. 113 / Winter 1997Columns
Homelands by David Rieff
Guest Column by Charles Newman
Force Fields by Martin Jay

Buried by Michael Ondaatje

Norman Manea: A Special Feature

    An Introduction by Robert Boyers
    Four Stories by Norman Manea
    A Conversation with Norman Manea by Ilan Stavans
    Manea and Political Liberty by Charles Molesworth
    Manea’s Great Novel on Romania by Beatrix Langner
    The Clarity of the Night by Juergen Verdofsky
    An Interview with Norman Manea by Marco Cugno

Three Poems by Debora Greger
A Letter from Mary in the Tyrol by Carl Dennis
Two Poems by Robert Bly
Two Poems by David Citino

Nadine Gordimer: An Interview & An Essay

    An Interview with Nadine Gordimer by Karen Lazar
    The Dialogue of Late Afternoon by Nadine Gordimer

On “Eve Tempted by the Serpent” by Robert Pinsky
Two Poems by Timothy Liu
Three Poems by Raven Schendler
Eyepatch by Charles Edward Eaton
Two Poems by John De Stefano
What Is It Like To Be A Bat by Eric Ormsby
Two Poems by Jay Rogoff
Hypochondria by Christopher Hewitt
Insleave for A Hieroglyphic Key to Spiritual Mysteries by Rick Hilles
Wilson’s Modernism by David Bromwich
Faculty Wife by Emily Fox Gordon
Women Novelists in a Post-Feminist Age by Mark Shechner

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