Salmagundi No. 123 / Summer 1999

Table of Contents

Salmagundi No. 123 / Summer 1999Columns
Letter from Paris by Tzvetan Todorov
Emergence by Carolyn Forché
Force Fields by Martin Jay
New Fiction by Ian Sansom
The Art Scene by Charles Molesworth

Two Poems by Jane Shore
Two Poems by Daniel Halpern
Two Poems by David Wagoner
The Romantic by Daniel Harris
Three Poems by John Matthias
Responsible by Lee Upton
My Husband, A Dream by Virginia Slachman
Oncogene by Floyd Skloot
Two Poems by Frederick Pollack
The Earthquake by Joseph Miller
The Positions by Gordon Lish
The Adulated Lady Intones by Melanie Rehak
Brain Decade by Stephen Sandy
Ars Poetica by Timothy Liu
Kaleidoscope by Jeffrey Donaldson
Kleistgoethe and Walsermann by Victoria Nelson

A Special Feature: Leslie H. Farber & The Ways of the Will
Preface: Remembering Leslie H. Farber by Robert Boyers
Five Essays on Will by Leslie H. Farber
    Will and Anxiety by Leslie H. Farber
    Lying on the Couch by Leslie H. Farber
    Will and Willfulness in Hysteria by Leslie H. Farber
    Despair and the Life of Suicide by Leslie H. Farber
    On Jealousy by Leslie H. Farber
Five Essays on by Leslie H. Farber and Will
    My Last Therapist by Emily Fox Gordon
    Gordon/Graham by Barbara Moore
    Where Are You in All of This? By Stephen A. Mitchell
    Farber’s Quibble by Adam Phillips
    Leslie Farber: A Few Images by Robert Lifton

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