Salmagundi No. 128 - 129 / Fall 2000 - Winter 2001
Table of Contents

Salmagundi No. 128-129Columns
Letter From Paris by Tzvetan Todorov
Artworks & Exhibitions by Martin Pops
Extemporaneities by Mario Vargas Llosa
New Fiction by Ian Sansom
The Art Scene by Charles Molesworth

Five Poems by Louise Glück
Two Poems by Carl Dennis
Three Poems by Lorrie Goldensohn
Parisian Scenes by Debora Greger
Complaint of the Lecturer by Randall Mann
Two Poems by Allison Eir Jenks
Totem by Michael J. Rosen
That bode weeping by Eva Hooker
This Leg by Lynne Sharon Schwartz
Still Life with Times by Barbara Louise Ungar

Essays, Fiction, Debates and an Interview

Pre-existing Forms by Frank Bidart
Gemini by Nadine Gordimer
Some Thoughts on the Feet of Courtesans by Mary Gordon
The Wajda Question by Adam Michnik
The Man Who Would Be Kafka by Steve Stern
Good Faith, Bad Conscience by Nancy Huston
Wolf’s Head Lake by Joyce Carol Oates
Speaking/Listenng by Daniel Harris
Losing Ground by Kenneth Bernard
An Interview with Breyton Breytonbach by Susie Linfield
Ibsen and Shaw: Back to the Future by Stanley Kauffman
The Road by Norman Manea
A Reply to Francisco J. Gonzalez by Alexander Nehemas
A Reply to Alexander Nehemas by Francisco J. Gonzalez
A Response to Todorov by Lawrence Douglas
A Rejoinder: French Trials by Tzvetan Todorov

Essay Review
On Peter Handke by Robert Boyers

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