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Edendale School
May 25, 2001

Students continued to work on case studies and data collection for the reader response study with Susan and the oral histories with Karen. Jan and Rosie, from the Early Childhood Center at Skidmore, continued to work on the quilt with fourth grade children.
Steve Little, from Schuylerville, NY taught three lessons sharing his Native American heritage with three classes in the primary school. At the end of the day the school children presented each of us with hand painted plates to take on our journey to Kruger Park.

 Hand-painting plates Outdoors activities 

On the Road
Kruger Park
May 26-28

We were greeted by an elephant as we reached the Lower Sabie Camp. We also saw eagles, giraffes, wildebeest, impala, kudu, zebras, waterbuck, hippos (the most dangerous animal in South Africa), baboons (including one that tried to leap into our bus through a window), and blue monkeys. The highlights of the safari were the night journey in the open van, seeing the Milky Way and the Southern Cross, watching a lion and lioness after a zebra kill at the roadside (bloated bellies kept them at the same spot all day), and eleven lions right in front of our bus near camp. Our guides cooked traditional South African cuisine: potjikos and braai.

Students at Kruger parkWe ended our stay at Kruger with a seminar under the stars. Liz talked about being confronted with her own ignorance because she only speaks one language and many of her Edendale students speak three or even four languages. She also said that "if you give the children kindness and meet their basic needs, children will be able to learn and grow." Wes said this about Edendale children: "The children are absolutely beautiful. The kids don't want to sink, they want to swim!" Suzy observed that "everything is reinforced in such a positive way." Kara was impressed with how art is valued in the classroom.

 Giraffes in Kruger Park

Students in Kruger Park
 Sunset Kruger Park  Zebra in Kruger Park

On the Road
May 29, 2001

We started our day at a living Zulu village, then visited a rural Zulu government high school, Ezifunden, where the students opened their hearts to us through song and dance. Skidmore students spent time in classrooms talking with high school students about US and Zulu culture. One of the teachers told us that they value all things that are American including our music, dress, and television sitcoms.

Tom Havens, from Schuylerville, NY, will be returning to high school tomorrow to help set up the school's new computer. Tom is our techno-wiz!

 Skidmore in South Africa

 Skidmore in Africa

 High School in South Africa

 Hut in South Africa


 South African Village

 Twins in Africa

 Skidmore in South Africa


 Having fun!