South Africa Educational Study Program


June 2, 2007

We leisurely started the day at 4:15 in the morning when we boarded the bus at the Farmhouse in Pretoria. Headed for the coast, we loaded the bus with lots of food and all of our belongings, which made for a very tight squeeze on our eleven-hour drive. Fortunately for us, we were very sleepy and the ride did not seem as long as we all feared.  For breakfast we stopped at a Wimpy Take-Away to enjoy grilled cheese or grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches.  Six hours later, after much sleeping, reading, and Sudoku puzzling, we arrived in Durban at 4:00.  For some of us, we got our first glimpse of the Indian Ocean.  After eating pita bread sandwiches and loads of veggies, many took long walks on the beach and waded knee-deep (and for a few, waist-deep!) into the windy, white-capped, South African coastline.  The humid, cloudy, but warm weather was perfect for reading on the beach and exploring the town.

We reconvened for a very late dinner of pizza and fresh salad.   It was nice to have an afternoon without a strict agenda after the emotional last days at Edendale.  We look forward to another beautiful, sunny day to hang out on the beach, be enriched by the culture, or wander into town and play at the water park.

June 3, 2007

Today was our first day without official plans and even free of bus rides!  We are staying at the beachfront Dromedaris outside of Durban.  Although we were allowed to sleep in as late as we wanted, most of us found ourselves awake by 8 am because of our early schedule all throughout the trip so far.  The weather was beautiful and many began the day with a little sunbathing on the breezy beach.  Later on, some of us began to explore the area, taking walks down the beach to see the small tourist town and bargain with the vendors.  Those of us who took walks found shells, monkeys, great climbing trees, and beautiful views, while others spent some time inside reading, writing, watching TV, and just enjoying the free time.  Some even enjoyed a dip in the Indian Ocean, which turned out to be warmer than expected, although we could only venture about knee deep due to the strength of the waves. 

At the end of a day of individual adventures, we reconvened for a group dinner at the Oasis, a great seafood & steakhouse on the water.  After a delicious dinner we headed back to the hotel to fall asleep to the sound of the ocean just outside of our rooms.