South Africa Educational Study Program

June 11, 2007

Today after a breakfast lovingly prepared by the teachers, we left Oudtshoorn and headed for the Safari Ostrich Show Farm nearby.  Our tour guide Samuel took us around the large ostrich farm where they raise 2500 ostriches that are used for meat, leather, feathers, and entertainment.  We learned that ostriches are monogamous and can see molecules in the air with their naked eye.  After the bus tour we went through the museum, saw all four species of ostrich (red, blue, white, and black), as well emus.  We were then given the chance to sit or ride on the ostriches.  Most of us took advantage of the great photo opportunity.  Seven of us raced around the pen, holding on for dear life as the employees lead our ostriches.  After that we broke into two teams and cheered as two ostriches raced to the finish line (the female won!).  We finished the visit in the farm shop and then restaurant with tea and some ostrich pies.
After all the ostrich excitement, we hit the road for our last long bus ride to Cape Town. We stopped at a shop called Mary’s Barn where many of us purchased handmade raffia bags.  We finally pulled into Cape Town around 9 this evening and are awaiting the arrival of our dinner at the Sunflower Stop, our home for the next 3 nights.