South Africa Educational Study Program

Trip Schedule - 2007

Map of southern tip of Africa

Pretoria          (leave JFK Sun. May 20, arrive May 21)
Edendale Primary School
Voortrekker Monument
Visit Union Buildings in Pretoria and Museums
May 21--24

We will begin our visit in the Gauteng, place of gold (previously the province of Transvaal).  Transvaal was named by the Voortrekkers (Afrikaans/Dutch pioneers into the hinterland) because of their crossing the “Vaal” river.  Pretoria was named after the “Voortrekker” who established the town in 1837, Andries Pretorius.  It was also the first seat of the “Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek” under President Paul Kruger.  After gold and diamonds were discovered in this area, the Anglo-Boer War broke out (Britain wanted the minerals).  Pretoria is known as the “City of Jacarandas” and is the country’s capital where many diverse cultures are representative within the historic buildings.  Pretoria will be our home base and we will stay with host families in groups during our time there.

The Edendale Primary School was established during 1988-1991, the “apartheid” years when there was a dire need for good education for children of all races at the lowest possible cost. It is located in the lovely rural area between Mamelodi, Ekhangala, and Cullinan, 30 km. out of Pretoria.  The school started as a mission farm school and has grown to one of the best schools in the Gauteng area.  We will spend several days in classroom settings at Edendale and we will bring books for the children in the classrooms we are assigned.

The Voortrekker Monument was built in memory of the Voortrekker’s suffering and courage.  It interprets the painful and controversial events at the heart of apartheid.  The amazing tapestries inside the museum trace the historical moments of the trek across rivers and the Drakensberg

The Union Buildings are home to the administrative branch of government.

(Make sure to pack lunches and snacks for school; we will stay for entire time during three days at school)

Kruger National Park    (pack lunches, bring passports, early morning departure)
May 25-28

The Kruger National Park was a tremendous foresight of President Paul Kruger, who during 1898 declared the land between the Sabie and Crocodile Rivers as a sanctuary for wild life.  As Yellowstone was established in 1872 by the Americans (the first national park in the world), so was Kruger National Park the first game reserve in Africa.  The park occupies 1,948,528 hectares in Mphumalanga (formally Eastern Transvaal).  It is a place to admire 450 bird species, 50 fish varieties, 40 types of frogs, 34 snack species and many more, including the “Big Five”-the lion, rhino, elephant, hippo and buffalo.  Various antelopes, lizards, iguanas, and crocodiles also find their homes in this vast area.  Where prehistorically, man and beast fought a war of extermination, this park was man’s first offer of friendship and peace.  We will spend a few days searching for game and will sleep two nights in luxury tents on the Sabie River.

South Africa

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