Guidelines for Requesting Teagle Funds 

The charge to each department and interdisciplinary program is to develop writing plans that help students comprehend the writing conventions associated with their individual majors. To make that happen, we are fortunate to have grant money available (from the Teagle Foundation) for departments to engage in conversation about discipline-specific writing conventions, and to support faculty both in the teaching and the assessment of individual writing pedagogies. 

It bears repeating right at the outset that the Teagle funds are just part of a network of support for each department and interdisciplinary program. Indeed, there are offices, individuals, and groups on campus whose primary role is to provide support and assistance as departments begin the process of discussing curricular modifications.

The Teagle grant is structured so that the distribution of money to individual departments typically occurs at two separate stages. 

  • During the first stage, departments are required to engage in dialogue about the conventions of writing in their disciplines and the ways in which they can teach their students about those discipline-specific writing styles. Those conversations may happen entirely within individual departments, or they could happen within the broader divisions of the College. 
  • During the second stage, departments may seek faculty development dollars so that individual faculty can either create or modify courses aimed at achieving the department’s particular writing plan.

In keeping with the spirit of the Writing in the Majors Initiative, the Teagle Review Committee’s goal is to provide as much space—as much freedom—as possible for departments to think creatively about the ways in which they can most effectively envision and then deliver an enhanced program of writing. We can, however, provide several examples of how departments might choose to engage in the necessary conversations:

  • Retreats for the purpose of intense reflection and conversations about writing
  • Inviting specialists/consultants to help imagine and develop writing plans
  • Visits to other colleges to consult with faculty
  • Sending representatives to relevant conferences or colloquia

To request funds, we ask that you prepare a memo (to Sarah Goodwin, Faculty Assessment Coordinator) in which you articulate or describe the following items:

  • Conversation about student learning goals: describe how your department has had a conversation about the place of writing in your major(s) and how teaching the conventions of writing might relate to overall student learning in your department.
  • Amount requested: identify the amount you are now requesting as a follow-up to your initial conversations.
  • Use of funds: describe in as much detail as possible how your department will use the funds requested to imagine and then articulate a curricular plan. Justify stipends to discussion leaders and/or faculty participants, travel to/from conferences or colloquia, honoraria, and so on.
  • Budget: provide as detailed a budget as possible.

We ask that each department provide a brief (less than one page) report back to Sarah Goodwin in which you describe the results of the conversation(s). Your response will help us to better understand the direction in which you intend to go. It will also provide valuable information as we help departments transition to the second stage of the process.

Please let us know if you have any questions at all.